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How to cure nail fungus?

What is toenail fungus and how can you treat them if you know what causes them? It is a nail lesion caused by a fungus that invades the nail plate and nail tissue, which sounds a little scary.

It is not enough to know what causes toenail fungus, but you must know the various forms that exist in order to clearly determine if they are symptoms of toenail fungus.

Below I will give examples of several forms of toenail fungus. (The symptoms are arranged from light to heavy)

1. Toenail Fungus 1.0

The nail plate shows white spots, the color turns yellowish white and has grooves

toenail fungus with white point
toenail fungus with yellow point

This kind of case belongs to the toenail fungus 1.0, you can see whether it is the same with your own situation.

2、Toenail Fungus 2.0

Separation of the nail bed, cloudy color, brittle nails, unshaped

Separation of nail bed
cloudy color of toenail fungus

This belongs to the toenail fungus 2.0 case, you can compare it to your own situation.

3、Toenail Fungus 3.0

The nail bed has been completely invaded by the fungus, thickened, peeling, and atrophied

nail bed completely invaded by the fungus
toenail been thickened

Above is the case of toenail fungus 3.0, see which category you belong to.

The treatment of toenail fungus should be considered by many factors, such as the severity of the patient, the time of infection, age, health status, and other factors, so here I do not recommend any products, nor do I recommend oral.

after all, all drugs have side effects, can use topical drugs, use topical drugs, oral drugs have many contraindications, such as affecting the internal organs, side effects are relatively large.

How exactly should I treat it scientifically and effectively?

About the method of removing toenail fungus.

Toenail fungus is highly contagious and recurring and stubborn, so there are three ways to treat toenail fungus, and I will make a simple analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of these three ways.

1: Internal medication

Although the cure rate of this way is very high, but not recommended, why, wait to say the disadvantages are the reason disadvantages: internal medication has certain side effects on the body, especially on the kidney, and this is also a long time of medication, a long time will inevitably have some adverse reactions

2: Surgical nail extraction

This is only applicable to a single finger, if the infection of the finger more, it is not an applicable advantage: fast, convenient; disadvantage: easy to cause extensive trauma, and easy to recur, for patients with heart disease, high blood pressure, etc. not applicable

3. External medication

This method applies to all people Advantages: clear and clean, no side effects, and not easy to relapse Disadvantages: the treatment cycle is relatively long, can not adhere to the price is relatively expensive These three categories are only more common treatment methods, the specific application of which category, or depends on the patient’s situation, personal advice is to use the third way, it is not recommended to use radical surgical therapy and oral therapy.

Saksraar repair toenail fungus essential oil is good for external medication.

The following is a comparison chart before and after each period of treatment (using the treatment plan without nail extraction and medication)

Toenail fungus 1.0 after treatment:

toenail fungus 1.0 case treatment case

Toenail fungus 2.0 after treatment:

toenail fungus 2.0 case treatment case

Toenail fungus 3.0 after treatment:

toenail fungus 3.0 case treatment case

We do not advocate nail removal or oral medication to treat toenail fungus.

There is a cycle from sick nail to new nail, usually takes 3-5 months, this mainly depends on the situation of each person, the physical condition and other aspects are different, the speed of the new nail is not the same.

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