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How to use saksraar men essential oil?

8 advanced massage method for penis enlargement

8 Advanced Method For Treatment

Each group you should do more than 30 times, the whole group massage time is recommended for 15-20 minutes, starting from the erection of the penis, you can not ejaculate during a massage, before the massage you should use hot towel compress penis for one minute, do not let the towel too hot, after massage using the water to clean your penis.

  1. Take an appropriate amount of the cream and rub the palm of your hand to warm it up, pushing it upwards from the root of the scrotum.

  2. Rub the left and right palms in parallel and lift slightly upward.

  3. Left and right palms parallel to each other from the root upward-lifting massage.

  4. Gently pinch the head of the penis in a clockwise direction using your index finger.

  5. Form a circular massage with the index finger and thumb.

  6. Left and right index fingers gently hold the penis and massage downward.

  7. Hold the upper part of the penis with your right hand and lift and massage it, and gently press the root of the penis with three fingers of your left hand.

  8. The right-hand lifts and massages the penis, while the left palm massages the lower part of the left and right scrotum.

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