Saksraar fungal nail treatment essential oil
Toenail Fungus Essential Oil
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Toenail Fungus Essential Oil



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Toenail Fungus Essential Oil Description:

SAKSRAAR repair toenail fungus essential oil contains Lonicera japonica extract, which can treat the onychomycosis caused by a fungal infection, atrophy, unevenness, thickening, breaking, yellowing, shedding, etc. Long-term use promotes the production of cellular proteins and strengthens he repair function of nails so that the nails grow healthily.

Repair damaged tissue, accelerate the metabolism of nail metabolism and provide the nutrients needed for new nails. Respond to nail shine.


  • Lonicera japonica
  • Chicken bone
  • hyaluronic acid Extracts

Pure natural plant extracts have no side effects on the body.


  • Shelf Life: 3 years
  • Net: 20ml
Saksraar fungal nail treatment essential oil
Saksraar fungal nail treatment oil
Saksraar fungal nail treatment after using
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4 steps to use the fungal nail essential oil
how to use Saksraar fungal nail treatment oil
Saksraar repair essential oil


Four stages to remove onychomycosis, The fungal nail treatment effect is visible.

  • 1 Week: Onychomycosis stops deteriorating
  • 2-3 Weeks: Inhibition of onychomycosis
  • 4-6 Weeks: Improve the nail beds and nourish the nail heels
  • 7-8 Weeks: The new nails turn smooth and rosy

How to Use Toenail Fungus Essential Oil?

Step by step to teach you how to use the saksraar repair toenail fungus essential oil. Wash your hands and feet, before using the product.

Total Time: 30 minutes

Step01: soften the toenail

Soak the nails in warm water to soften them

Step02: Remove the diseased part

Thin them with a nail file, remove loose, hollow, and thickened parts, and wipe off dirt and debris

Step03: Drop repair oil

Take 1-2 drops nail repair liquid, apply to the nail and surrounding skin

Step04: Massage a few minutes

Massage along the nail edges to help absorption. we recommended using 2-3 times a day

Estimated Cost: 5 USD




  • Saksraar repair essential oil and nail files

How to prevent and treat nail fungus?

From “American Academy of Dermatology”
  • Fungal infections are more common in toenails and are mostly seen as a thickening, discoloration, and splitting of the nail.
  • Nail infections may have a genetic predisposition.
  • Keep nails trimmed short to prevent the growth of bacteria and trim them at a right angle to maintain nail strength.
  • Change shoes daily to ensure ventilation, make sure shoes fit properly, and don’t have toenails touching the shoes tightly.
  • Choose breathable shoes, fungus likes a moist, slightly warm environment. So sandals are a more appropriate choice. If you need to wear socks, you can use fungal sprays.
  • Avoid going barefoot in public facilities, such as shower rooms and swimming pool locker rooms, avoid wearing other people’s shoes, and don’t share nail clippers with others.
  • When going to a nail salon for a pedicure, make sure the staff disinfects the tools.
  • Early detection of fungal infections can be cleared with over-the-counter fungal creams and lotions. If it is more severe, prescription antifungal medications or laser treatment is needed, which may take up to a year to clear the fungus.

Toenail Fungus FAQs:

What essential oils kill toenail fungus?

Clove oil
Clary sage oil
Jasmine oil
Lavender oil
Ylang-ylang oil
Eucalyptus oil
Cinnamon oil
Lemon oil
Lemongrass oil
Thieves oil
Wild oregano oil
Jojoba oil
Manuka tree oil

Many essential oils have natural anti-fungal properties. Please consult the instructions before using essential oils. Some oils can be applied directly, while others need to be mixed with a carrier oil before use.

How to effectively get rid of toenail fungus?

1. Daily hygiene must be paid attention to,  avoid the transmission of gray nails

①Change your socks and shoes every day, wash your socks every day and put your shoes in the sun after spraying alcohol (wear a pair of shoes for a day and change them the next day)
②Soak your feet for half an hour every night, not only can you wash your feet clean but also relieve the fatigue of the day (water temperature at 45°C)
③ trim your nails once a week or once every two weeks, do not use a nail clipper with your family (to avoid infection)
④Use your own proprietary towel, do not share personal belongings

2. Enhance resistance

The first thing is to exercise more and more.

Especially, office workers, there is a simple and effective way is to run every morning for half an hour, can be a good whole-body exercise, promote body metabolism, balance the body hormone levels, while sweating can also unclog the pores, reduce the accumulation of impurities, need to be intended to wash your face in time after exercise, with warm water! Do not use cold water, but regularly jog a little

3. About diet

The diet is very simple but requires more self-discipline, do not eat spicy food.

Eat more vegetables and fruits.

Fruits and vegetables should make up 50% of your daily diet. This is important in the diet of gray nails to replenish nail growth.

It replenishes the needed vitamin B and vitamin C. Also, eating more vegetables and fruits has a very important role in other aspects of the body’s health.

What essential oils kill foot fungus?

You can apply tea tree essential oil to assist in the treatment, as it has a certain antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect. However, gray nails are caused by fungal infections, so it is not ideal to rely entirely on tea tree oil for treatment. 

It is better to apply some antifungal drugs for topical or oral treatment and nail extraction if necessary. In life, you should pay attention to personal hygiene and eat more fruits, vegetables, oatmeal, and soy products to supplement protein, minerals, and vitamins to encourage new nails to grow out as soon as possible.

What essential oil is good for toenail fungus?

Tea tree essential oil is one of the oils that are beneficial in treating toenail fungus. According to research, tea tree essential oil is effective in reducing the growth of T.rubrum, a toenail fungus, and after 14 days of using tea tree essential oil, patients showed a change in their condition. 

Using tea tree essential oil in combination with a standard salve is also an option, and in a study by Trusted Source, it was found that the use of a salve containing butanafine hydrochloride and tea tree oil was successful in transplanting the growth of toenail fungus. 

After 17 weeks of treatment, 75 percent of participants were cured of toenail fungus and had no recurrence. In the control group, they used a placebo, and no one in the placebo group was cured of nail fungus. There was also a study that found that tea tree essential oil mixed with the antifungal drug clotrimazole was very effective in treating fungal infections.

What essential oil will get rid of toenail fungus?

Ozone oil helps to kill toenail fungus. According to Trusted Source’s research, this low concentration of ozone oil can kill many organisms in a very short time, such as killing fungus and killing bacteria.

Sunflower seed oil and olive oil are ozonated oils. You can talk about applying ozonated oil on the nails that suffer from diseases twice a day for 2 weeks.

Can essential oils kill toenail fungus?

When a toenail is infected by a fungus, the obvious special feature is that the color changes, usually change to yellow or gray color, and as the fungal infection becomes more severe, the color change spreads to other toes, and if not treated in time, then the toe will crack.

Your doctor may prescribe antifungal medications to treat the infection, such as

These are all prescription drugs and may have side effects on the body. Instead of prescription medications, we can use Toenail Fungus Essential Oil that has no side effects. Essential oils are effective in treating toenail fungus and there have been many people who have been cured of nail fungus by using essential oils.

More question about how to treat the Nail Fungus 



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